Triumph TE-1 Finally Has Official Specs, And It’s Impressive

Triumph put real numbers behind their first electric motorcycle.

Triumph has done something unique with the roll-out of their all-electric TE-1. Rather than revealing a fully completed bike all at once, Triumph has brought us along on the TE-1’s development in stages.

Since 2019, Triumph has slowly released more information on the bike in 4 phases. Now that Phase 4 is complete, we have the motorcycle’s specs. The Triumph TE-1 has a claimed 175 horsepower and 100 miles of range. Charging from 0-80 percent battery takes as little as 20 minutes. Thankfully the charging is quick, because 100 miles of range isn’t spectacular.

More Information And Refinement To Come

However, Triumph doesn’t have more exact numbers for charging times to 100 percent, or pricing information. They did, however, provide a curb weight of 485 pounds. That’s almost 50 pounds more than the similarly fast Speed Triple 1200. Then again, for a battery powered vehicle, 485 pounds is a pretty small number.

Instantly accessible 80 lb-ft of torque will have no problem dealing with the extra mass anyway. Triumph says that they’re still working on refining rider aids like traction control. So while the TE-1 isn’t yet completed, it is well on its way.

Our Thoughts On The Triumph TE-1

One of Triumph’s best moves is their decision to make the TE-1 look like a regular motorcycle. While some electric motorcycles appear too alien for our taste, the TE-1 is familiar in a good way. Aside from the lack of an exhaust pipe, you would hardly guess it isn’t an old school dinosaur burner.

Thankfully they haven’t skimped out on components outside the powertrain either. Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes should round this bike out as a great performer all-around. That also means the price will very likely be high.

For more information on the TE-1, check out the video linked below. Stay tuned for more news on the TE-1 and the rest of the industry at