Meet Our Yamaha TW200 Long-Term Test Bike

You asked, and we listened.

Yamaha TW200

Here’s The Plan For Our 2015 Yamaha TW200

Yamaha released the TW200 all the way back in 1987, and in 2001 they replaced the drum brake with a disc. That same year, they also removed the kickstarter.

That’s the history of the TW200. It’s mostly the same bike they offered in the 80’s. That is the magic of it.

Here’s What Makes The TW200 Special

Chunky tires, light weight and a low seat height make the “T-Dub” an approachable, capable dual sport. Easy for learning how to ride, and easy to rock up a dirt trail. You won’t likely be doing any long highway trips with it though.

The TW200’s carbureted thumper is not the highway geared, powerhouse of a motor you would want to ride at speed for any long distance. However, around town and off the beaten path, horsepower is optional. Steady, manageable power output is another approachable aspect of the old timer that has contributed to its success.

Scores of riders got their start on these old Yamahas, including Alex. They are famously reliable bikes too, with so little to go wrong there is minimal chance you’ll ever get stranded on one.

Our Plan For The Bike

We have big plans ahead for our TW200, especially now that we have Tumbleweed Ranch at our disposal. What better bike to ride around the ranch than the Yamaha TW200?

We also have a number of Colorado trails in mind before the summer ends, because that’s what dual sports do here. There’s no time to waste getting this bike on the road and off of it, so stay tuned to the channel for more videos in the coming weeks. For a closer look at the bike itself and the current state of the market, check out the first video of the series, linked below.