BMW Let A Crazy Person Build A Custom R18

We thought we had seen crazy before, apparently not.

Custom R18
[Photos: BMW]

What Is Going On With This Custom R18?

BMW has commissioned several shops to build them a custom R18. Harley-Davidson is the R18’s biggest competitor. Harley makes customizing easy, and that’s essential to the bagger market. As a result, BMW Motorrad is a big supporter of customization not only through their own available parts (like option 719) but also third party part suppliers.

This Custom R18 build comes courtesy of the accurately named shop, Radikal Chopper. The bike they came up with, is truly like nothing we have ever seen before.

The Story Behind The Madness

BMW commissioned this bike for the Top Marques show in Monaco. In order to make a splash, they went way outside of the box. The R18 “Magnifica” that you see was constructed by hand.

Everything you see is produced using a mixture of wood, brass and aluminum. Radikal Choppers had the wheels machined from billet aluminum. Craftsmen produced every other component that makes the motorcycle unique by hand.

While this doesn’t look to be the most practical motorcycle to ride, it is striking to look at. Surprisingly, all of the custom work lightened the R18 by over 200 pounds according to BMW.

The Standard R18

Very few people will have the opportunity to ride the one-off custom R18 you see above. Thankfully you can ride and modify the standard R18 easily. That is, assuming you have at least $15,995 to spend on one.

Even the standard R18 has striking good looks and a wonderfully torquey 1,802cc air-cooled boxer. 91 horsepower and 116 lb-ft of torque push the long, beautiful bike around with confidence. To see our thoughts on the R18, check out the full review below!