All-New Honda Hornet CB600F Coming Soon! Here’s Your First Look

Back in November 2021 at EICMA, Honda surprised the world by announcing that the Hornet nameplate (CB600F here in the states) would be returning to the company’s motorcycle lineup. Honda produced the Hornet from 1998 to 2013, which was powered by a 599cc inline-four cylinder engine. The Hornet name never made it stateside because the trademark belonged to AMC and Chrysler at the time.

Months after the initial announcement at EICMA, Honda has shared its first set of design sketches to show off the new model. The concept sketches were made in Honda’s R&D Centre in Rome, which also crafted the look of recent production Honda models, such as the CRF1100L Africa Twin, CB650R, and X-ADV. The first image shows the design process, highlighting the evolution of the design as the sketches progressed. The latter two images show a more complete design. Clearly Honda is aiming for an aggressive and angular design, with sharp lines and a fast look. The tank is also wide and angular, giving it that modern naked-sport bike look. We don’t know too much about the new bike yet, but I did want to share the info we’ve gotten so far with you. Could this be the new CB650R or CB500F replacement here in the states? I think it’s likely, although I’m doubtful the Hornet name will make it across seas, since Dodge now owns that trademark here in the US. Stay tuned to for the latest updates in the motorcycle industry.