Fleet Update: What’s Next For TFLbike?

That's up to you, the viewer.

Fleet Update: We Need New Bikes

Every so often we buy motorcycles to conduct some long term testing (as discussed in the fleet update linked above). After we’ve done all we can think to do with a bike, it comes time to move on.

The new year is bringing new bikes, most of which we will test on loan from the manufacturers. The bikes we buy ourselves we can be more thorough with. Since we want to make videos and articles that resonate with our viewers, we’ve asked you for your feedback.

Your Chance To Chime In

We’re first selling our Ducati Scrambler to free up funds to put into another bike. The scrambler has served us well, but it’s time to pass it along.

So far we have seen the most interest in a long-term Yamaha TW200 to test. We also love the TW200, so that is very likely to grace our studio in the coming months. It’s hard to think of a bike that is much better suited for fun on the front range of Colorado than that.

The Triumph Trident 660 is another bike that has been on our radar for some time. The Trident is a great all around choice for someone who is learning, or even a rider who just wants a nice middleweight bike to toss around.

Eventually our Triumph Scrambler will also make way for more bikes, so if you don’t see the motorcycle of your dreams on the channel right off the bat there is still a chance. The best way to let us know what you want to see on the channel is to leave a comment on the video linked above.

The Colorado winter is hitting hard at the moment, but you’ll catch us back on the road as soon as the snow melts off.