Rivian Electric Bikes Trademarked

What do they have in store?

Rivian Electric Bikes Incoming?

Rivian Electric Bikes may become a future accessory for Rivian vehicles based on a recent trademark. They market their vehicles with a clear cut lifestyle theme. Most of the manufacturer’s product images show off either camping or off-roading.

Other lifestyle brands such as Jeep have also tried out the E-Bike craze. Though the connection between an electric truck and an e-bike makes a bit more sense to us.

The trademark filed covers the following:

Bicycles; bicycle structural parts; electric bicycles; electric bicycle structural parts; electric bicycle components specially adapted for electric bicycles, namely, battery packs, motor controllers, electric motors, throttle controls, pedal assist sensors, display consoles, wiring harnesses, sprockets, cassettes, chains; bicycle frames; bicycle pedals; bicycle horns; bicycle brakes; bicycle chains; bicycle gears; bicycle wheels; bicycle seats; bicycle tires; bicycle cranks; bicycle tags; bicycle mudguards; bicycle motors; bicycle saddles; bicycle pumps; bicycle bells; bicycle handlebars; bicycle trailers; bicycle kickstands; bicycle seat posts; fitted bicycle covers; bicycle wheel spokes; bicycle wheel rims; bicycle stands; bicycle pedal straps; bicycle parts, namely, derailleurs; bicycle water bottle cages; bicycle carriers for vehicles; pumps for bicycle tires; inner tubes for bicycle tires; bicycle parts, namely disk wheels; bicycle parts, namely brake shoes

Whether or not Rivian does something with this trademark remains to be seen. We certainly wouldn’t complain about having a badass electric truck and bike as a set.