BMW R18 “M” Shown Off As A One-Off Custom

That is one thing we didn't see coming.


BMW R 18 M

In 2020, BMW revealed its first ever motorcycle to wear an official “M” badge. We knew after the M 1000 RR, more would follow. However, the BMW R18 is the last bike we had pegged for an “M” moniker.

Before you lose all sense of self and reality, let me say that this is only a one-off custom project. BMW began showing off custom versions of their R18 as soon as the bike launched. The BMW R18 M is only the latest in a long line of unique customs.

BMW Motorrad’s Italian branch teamed up with LowRide magazine and American Dreams to build the bikes for the Verona Motor
Bike Expo. Underneath the custom bodywork lies a lightened R18 with a tweaked riding position and suspension.

The bodywork is really what jumps out at you though. The front of the 1,802cc boxer even features a kidney grille.

BMW also offers their own line of Option 719 custom parts to allow for modifications from the OEM. However, it is nice to see a manufacturer in full support of the aftermarket community. To see our thoughts on the BMW R18 riding experience, check out the video below.