How Waterproof Is Rain Gear? (Video)

Why? Because science of course.

Testing rain gear with no mercy

We’ve all been there at some point or another. You ride into the office on a nice morning, and the clouds start to roll in right as you’re getting ready to leave. Rain gear doesn’t sound like something you need, until you need it.

So how much do you really need to spend for a good waterproof shell? We partnered with our friends at Revzilla to test two units the only way we know how; with high horsepower science.

$20 vs $120

The two units we tested were the Thor Rain Suit for $19.95 and the Alpinestars Hurricane Rain Suit for $119.95. That way we could test if a rain suit for 5 times the price keeps you 5 times as dry.

Once we unpacked our suits and geared up, we took the Desert Sled over to a self-service car wash. We could easily have ridden in actual rain, but that wouldn’t have been nearly as fun. Alex and I enjoy giving each other a hard time, so there was no hesitation in the water pressure applied.

I led the experiment with the $20 Thor suit, and managed to stay mostly dry despite the suit’s armpit and back vent holes (which Alex purposefully targeted). Alex followed with the much pricier Alpinestars suit, aptly named hurricane for the speedy water it was tested against.

The results

The Thor Rain Suit costs as much as a nice meal, making it a worthwhile addition to anyones gear locker. It keeps you pretty dry, but it isn’t the most durable unit. In the one short ride we took it on, an exposed bolt on the Ducati poked a hole in the suit’s leg.

The Alpinestars jump suit benefits from a one piece design and better overall water protection. Alpinestars also offers a high visibility model which is all the better when conditions get bad. If you find yourself in the rain often, the Alpinestars will last you longer with thicker material, and keep you even dryer.

Whichever route you go, either product does the job surprisingly well. We hope you don’t come across a storm as aggressive as what we tested. If you do, little more than your wrists and neck will see any water in a rain suit. To watch the fun for yourself, check out the video linked above and visit Revzilla for all your riding gear needs.