Honda MiniMOTO VS Moab, Anything Is Possible (Video)

Can stock mini bikes go off-road? Well...sorta

Honda MiniMOTO In Moab

Honda MiniMOTO and why we do it

Honda MiniMOTO bikes have an inherent and undeniable appeal. For the money, they are pretty well made and some of the best fun on two wheels. If you ever wonder why we do so much with these little bikes, that is the reason.

Clearly their appeal isn’t lost on our viewers either, since our MiniMOTO videos tend to get the most views. With that in mind, we decided on an adventure. Overlanding and Moto-camping are increasingly popular hobbies for enthusiasts.

The ability to off-road with your camping gear in a single, self sufficient package is all the rage. Sadly, most overland rigs and even adventure bikes are pretty damn expensive to buy.

Stock Hondas on the trail

We aren’t exactly drowning in money, so we thought it would be fun to see if you could carry enough camping gear on a stock, sub $4,000 Honda to get by. We reached out to our partners at Revzilla for a bunch of light-weight camping gear, and hit the road.

Our kits included tents, pillows, extra fuel and food all held in waterproof luggage from Revzilla. You can check out a detailed walk through of our camping setup by watching the video we published previously.

What was most exciting, though, was the riding itself. It doesn’t take much of an offroad feature to challenge a little bike with tiny wheels. Then again, the bikes are so small they’re also easy to manage on rough terrain. A point that I proved when the Honda Monkey’s front tire shot up on a rock ledge and I caught it with my leg.

Worth the time and effort?

Honda MiniMOTO bikes are certainly not a replacement for dirt bikes. They just don’t have that much suspension and the wheels make small obstacles large. The short wheelbase of the Monkey had the front end in the air a lot.

And although the Trail 125 has trail in the name, the heel shifter was always in the way at the worst times.

However, at the end of the day these two bikes were a blast to ride off-road. That’s all that really matters. And despite their shortcomings, both bikes made it to the end of a mild but beautiful trail for not a lot of money.

Bottom line, if you buy a small Honda it makes any kind of riding approachable. Groms are great for stunt riding and the Trail and Monkey love some dirt. You can ride them hard with little consequence, and that is an underrated feature.

Keep an eye out for the full ride video coming soon to TFLbike.