BSA Returns With A New Gold Star (Video)

Looks like BSA is gunning for Royal Enfield

BSA Gold Star
[Photos: BSA]

Return Of The BSA Gold Star

BSA last manufactured a new motorcycle in 1973, and that has finally changed with the introduction of a new Gold Star. BSA of old produced the Gold Star from 1939 all the way until 1963. Aside from the radiator, the new bike resembles its predecessor surprisingly closely.

Mahindra bought BSA back in 2016, and they are reviving the brand (similar to Royal Enfield.) In keeping with classic style, the Star offers a chrome tank, wire spoke wheels and even an engine design that mimics the original.

Retro on the outside, modern underneath

Gold Stars used to run with either a 350cc or 500cc engine. The new Star uses a 652cc single-cylinder engine making 45 horsepower and 41 lb-ft of torque. Despite the inclusion of heat fins, the BSA is liquid-cooled and dual-overhead cam.

Power flows to the rear wheel via a 5-speed transmission and an assist and slipper clutch. The 18″ front wheel holds a 320mm Brembo brake, and the 17″ rear a 255mm Brembo. ABS comes standard, and that’s mostly it for tech.

Between the old-school analog instruments sits a subtle LCD, but we don’t expect a lot of gadgets on a retro motorcycle.

The Star competes against the Royal Enfield INT650. The Enfield has 2 more horsepower, and 3 fewer torques from an almost identical displacement 648cc twin. The two bikes are even within 8lbs of each other’s weight.

The biggest difference comes down to a 6-speed on the Royal Enfield, and Brembo brakes on the BSA rather than ByBre. BSA has yet to reveal pricing, but more information will be available early 2022.

There is no confirmation that the Gold Star will be available in the United States either. If the Gold Star’s price ends up as similar to the INT650 as the rest of its specs, we can expect it to cost around $6,000-$7,000. To see more about the new BSA, check out the video linked below.