The Italians Drop Two New Ducati Scrambler Models For 2022

And they just so happen to be stunning, are you surprised?

Ducati Scrambler 1100
[Photos: Ducati]

Ducati Scrambler 1100 Tribute PRO

Ducati’s most recent onslaught of visual perfection starts with the Ducati Scrambler 1100 Tribute PRO. Ducati claims to have created the new 1100 as a fifty year tribute to their first air-cooled twin from 1971.

A worthy tribute indeed, sporting 70’s styling elements such as a chocolate brown seat and the “Giallo Ocra” livery. The rest of the bike is everything we expect from a Scrambler 1100 PRO. 86 horsepower and 66 lb-ft of torque from a 1,079cc twin.

Though the styling may be retro, the 1100 Tribute still sports grippy Brembo brakes, and tech like riding modes, cornering ABS and Ducati Traction Control (DTC).

Scrambler Urban Motard

Ducati’s other new creation is the new Ducati Scrambler Urban Motard. The 803cc twin’s 73 horsepower and 48 lb-ft of torque are familiar. What is new are the motard style 17″ spoked wheels and the red and white livery.

Ducati claims to have designed their new livery to take inspiration from inner city graffiti. Ducati apparently wants the livery and motard wheels to invoke the image of trendy urban riders. Regardless of why they did it, the new Urban Motard will probably look good on most roads.

Though the 803cc Scrambler isn’t as spec’d out as the 1100, it does still come standard with cornering ABS.

Pricing on the Scrambler 1100 Tribute PRO will start at $13,995 when it hits dealers in March of 2022. The Urban Motard will become available April 2022 for a starting price of $11,695.