Kawasaki Drops A New Z650RS And 4 Other Bikes For 2022

Watch out for these 5 new bikes from Kawasaki.

All-New 2022 Z650RS

Kawasaki has laid out a ton of improvements to their lineup for 2022, and it all starts with the all-new Kawasaki Z650RS. The retro RS takes its style from the Z900RS, adding a new 650 to the fleet.

With 67 horsepower and 48 lb-ft of torque from a 649cc parallel-twin, The Z650RS adds style to what was already a competent middleweight.

The Z650RS features a round LED headlight, standard ABS and a more laid back riding position.

2022 Z900 SE

The new SE version of the Z900 brings upgraded components to the Z900 lineup. The SE’s suspension provides further adjustability using an Ohlins rear shock with a remote preload adjuster, and adjustable compression damping for the front forks.

The Z900SE also makes uses of Brembo brakes in the front to slow down that 125 horsepower inline-4.

2022 Z900RS SE

Thankfully the Z900 isn’t the only Kawasaki 900 to receive some upgrades. The new SE model of the Z900RS uses components right from Kawasaki’s Z900 SE.

That means Brembo front brakes, an Ohlins rear shock and better suspension tuning. The package is also quite a looker with its bright yellow highlights.

2022 KX450SR

Kawasaki has additionally made improvements to their lineup of dirt-focused machines. There is now a Special Racer (SR) version of the KX450. The KX450 SR features Monster Energy Graphics, titanium exhaust, revised ECU tuning and polished intake ports on a new cylinder head.

New KYB suspension soaks up impacts for the front and rear, and a new handlebar damping system keeps you controlled. The 450SR also comes with D.I.D. wheels and chain, and a Renthal rear sprocket.

2022 KLX230S

Finally, Kawasaki is producing a new Dual-Sport version of the KLX230. With retro-styling and available ABS, the KLX230S can tackle both street and off-road riding.

The 230S has 6.2 inches of travel in the front and 6.6 in the rear. Pricing has not yet been released on the bikes above, but we expect more information soon.