Ducati Multistrada Pikes Peak Brings A Welcome Bit Of Flavor To The V4

Fans of the Single-Sided Swingarm rejoice.

[Photos: Ducati]

Multistrada Pikes Peak

The New Ducati Multistrada Pikes Peak is a special edition Multistrada V4 with some choice updates. The Pikes Peak V4 includes a 17″ front wheel, a single-sided swingarm, an all new Race mode and the red and white livery you see pictured above.

The forged aluminum Marchesini wheels weigh an impressive 6lbs less than the wheels on the Multistrada V4 S. The Granturismo V4 still makes a familiar 170 horsepower and 92 lb-ft of torque, though “Race Mode” does tune the engine and quickshifter to work harder.

Fans of the SSS (single-sided swingarm) will be ecstatic to see it reintroduced to the Multi after it was torn away when the V4 launched. Ohlins Smart EC 2.0 suspension adds welcome performance to the Pikes Peak package as well.

Aside from the upgrades listed above, most of the new Multistrada’s equipment is the same as the V4 S. You still get adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring and a 6.5″ TFT standard. Though, Ducati has tailored the ergonomics to the Pikes Peak model to be more aggressive.

V4 Multistrada Pikes Peak

The V4 Pikes Peak comes out to an unsurprisingly high $28,995, but for the price Ducati also fitted the new Multistrada with some carbon fiber components, a titanium Akrapovič exhaust and a low profile wind screen.