Honda Trail 125 Is The Best Bike Ever (Video)

That's not as much of an exaggeration as you may think.

Trail 125

Honda Trail 125 Overview

The Honda Trail 125 is an off-road version of the Honda Super cub, the best selling motor vehicle in history. So what’s not to like? Legendary Honda reliability, rugged simplicity, charming good looks and a price tag of $3,899 MSRP.

Whether or not you’re a fan of small bikes, the Trail 125 is a tough bargain to argue with. It doesn’t pop the front end up at highway speeds or beg you to drag knee in the bends, but it does everything else. The CT125 is fun to ride because it has nothing to prove.


Despite the Trail’s reasonable price tag, it has surprisingly good build quality. Though the same can be said about any Honda miniMOTO, it is especially apparent with the Trail 125 finished in “Glowing Red.”

This bike has a truly magnetic appearance that draws attention like few other motorcycles can. Even pedestrians with no interest in motorcycles will go out of their way to compliment you on your Trail. It’s just like that old TV ad, “You meet the nicest people on a Honda.”

The 125cc, air-cooled thumper even manages upwards of 100MPG, according to published reports. The 125 only produces around 10 horsepower, but, are you in a rush? At just 259lbs wet, it doesn’t take much to motivate.

Chassis and Brakes

With a semi-automatic four-speed transmission and a front brake with ABS, this is arguably the most approachable bike on the market. Since the Trail is also small and light, you can even take it off-road a bit. Of course this is no full-fledged dirt bike, but it gets where it needs to go.

The Trail’s suspension has 3.9″ of travel in front and 3.4″ in the rear. The Trail even has a skid plate to make up for its limited ground clearance, and a cool looking heat shield on the exhaust.

Honda knocked the ball out of the park with the new CT125. We can only hope it will soon become easier to find in dealerships. While we love a good fire-breathing performance bike as much as the next guy, this is a welcome change of pace. So much so that both Alex and I would consider buying one for ourselves, it really is that good.

To see how the new CT125 performs as a pizza delivery vehicle, check out the video linked above.