5 Awesome Small Bikes To Liven Up Your Garage

When you already have big bikes, small displacement is a welcome change of pace.

Here’s The Deal (Opinion Incoming)

At TFLbike, we love small motorcycles. Alex and I both own large bikes and they have their perks, but small bikes are pure fun. When you don’t have anything to prove, you get to ride for the joy of being on two wheels. Motorcycle culture is often very elitist, but the small displacement community could not be friendlier.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of the 5 small bikes I’ve enjoyed the most in the past year or so. Each of these are available for purchase brand new, and most at a pretty reasonable price.

#5: 2022 Honda Grom SP

I first rode the new Grom at Barber Motorsports park during the Small Bore Honda event. This was the event that got me excited about small bike culture. Bikes and riders of all ages, shapes and sizes came together for a great weekend of riding.

That’s why Honda themselves showed up with their new Grom. The SP version of the 2022 Grom brings a welcome bit of extra styling to the lineup. With approximately 10 horsepower from a 124cc thumper, the Grom has exactly enough power to move.

It certainly isn’t fast, but watching stunt riders push the boundaries on one makes you question how much bike you really need. This is easily one of the coolest urban commuters on the market, especially for only $3,399 starting price.

#4: UBCO 2X2 Electric Motorcycle

What do you get when you combine an electric motorcycle with 2 wheel drive? You get the perfect machine for cruising around your farm. Born in New Zealand, UBCO builds the 2×2 in both street legal, and “work” trims.

UBCO bikes are simple and not especially kitted out with tech or anything fancy. But that means fewer things to break right?

The bikes have a top speed of 30mph, and a range of up to 78 miles. With a starting price of $6,499 the 2×2 is by far the most expensive on this list, but having 2 wheel drive is definitely worth some consideration.

#3: Razor Electric Scooters

Though best known for their kids scooters, Razor does something far better. They makes a series of small electric quads and dirt bikes ranging from $210 to $870. Unlike most bikes on this list, these are made specifically for kids.

The electric bikes can be packed into the trunk of a small sedan and the quads rock wheelies like nobody’s business.

We would be lying if we said we haven’t enjoyed them ourselves. And for a couple hundred bucks, its a pretty entertaining way to get across the yard or stunt on around the campfire.

#2: 2022 Honda CRF110F

The CRF110F is Honda’s second smallest CRF, and the perfect size for a camp bike. Load it in the bed with your other gear, or cruise it around the neighborhood. There’s limitless fun to be had trying obstacles and wheelies on the tiny 110.

A dirt bike this small makes off-roading more approachable and less serious than a full size.

With a semi-automatic 4-speed and an extremely accessible seat height, your kids can learn to ride, and adults can feel like kids again. For only $2,499 MSRP new, it won’t break the bank either.

#1: 2021 Honda Trail 125

My favorite motorcycle on this list is the new Honda Trail 125 by a good margin. The other machines on this list have been nothing but fun, and still, none can match the Trail.

With undeniably handsome good looks and a useful luggage rack, the Trail has it all. The 10 horsepower 125 is even capable of over 130mpg.

Sure it’s pretty slow and it even sits on the small side for me at 5’11”. Regardless, the Honda Trail’s beautiful paint and easy price tag of $3,899 smooths over any imperfections. Though the placement of the heel shifter does get annoying.

For more information on any of the bikes above, check out the videos on each one!