2022 KTM RC 390 Drops With MotoGP Styling (Video)

Small displacement has never looked better!

[Photos: KTM]

2022 KTM RC 390

KTM just pulled the cover off their 2022 KTM RC 390, and we’re a little disappointed. The new RC 390 seems to be a fantastic bike, so why are we upset? Because KTM also released a sweet looking RC 125 that isn’t coming to the U.S.

Thankfully, the slew of updates thrown at the RC 390 are doing a lot to make up for this grave loss. The new bodywork boasts improved aerodynamics and heat management over the old model. Bodywork on the tail is reduced to give riders behind you a better look at your steel trellis subframe.

The new panels also use fewer fasteners to swap on and off with less effort. By far, the coolest addition to the new design is KTM’s available orange and blue color scheme. The manufacturer says that the design takes inspiration from their MotoGP bikes, and it shows.

Chassis and Suspension

The new 390 has the same 373cc liquid-cooled thumper as before. New engine mapping, a new ride-by-wire system, and a larger airbox are the only major changes to the powertrain. KTM says the bike now has better torque delivery, and even runs cooler thanks to increased air flow.

That being said, total power output will likely still stay close to the 44 horsepower we had in the previous generation. The bigger difference is the new RC 390’s weight loss program. 7.5lbs have been shaved from the wheels, over 2lbs from the brakes and 3.3lbs from the trellis frame. There is no word yet on the total weight, but the previous model already sat at a fit 329lbs.

The front end uses new WP APEX inverted 43mm forks. Compression damping is adjustable on the left fork, and rebound on the right. The WP APEX rear shock also has preload and rebound adjustability. Increased suspension tuning isn’t the only major step up for the new RC either.

New Tech Features

While the old 390 just had simple, straight-line ABS, the new model has lean-sensitive cornering ABS. The 2022 ABS system even has a Supermoto mode that disables ABS on the rear wheel. Other tech includes cornering traction control, an optional Quickshifter + and a brand new TFT.

The new TFT is far brighter, clearer and plainly better than the 1980’s calculator screen on the previous generation. Quickshifter + also works with both up and down shifts.

All of this is worthy of our excitement, we just wish the RC 125 would join the North American KTM lineup as well. The 125 has stellar styling, compact packaging, and it will certainly be less expensive than the vast majority of bikes available in North America. We can’t imagine a better way to get into purely fun-focused track riding with friends.

We can only hope that small displacement, Euro-bikes like these grace our shores someday. Sadly that day is not today. The RC 390 will be available starting in March of 2022, and pricing has not been released yet. However, the old RC 390 started at $5,549, and we can expect at least a slight increase due to the new tech and features.

For more info on the new RC, check out the video linked below!