Zero FXE Is The Newest Electric Supermoto To Look Out For (Video)

This is one cool looking machine.

All-new Zero FXE
[Photos: Zero]

Zero FXE

Like any new technology, the first wave of EV motorcycles have been considerably more expensive than their gas powered competitors. While prices are coming down, they still aren’t exactly cheap. But bikes like the Zero FXE still make a convincing case for themselves.

The Zero FXE costs a grand total of $11,795 and manages 46 horsepower. Though that is a high price for a supermoto, things aren’t all bad.

Zero FXE

FXE Powertrain

The FXE produces a beastly 78 lb-ft of torque. That is a lot of push in a 298lb bike. The Zero’s familiar Z-Force 75-5 air-cooled electric motor uses a clutches direct drive transmission, and a 7.2 kWh battery to scoot.

Though top speed is only 85mph, the Zero can manage 100 miles of range in the city. At 70mph, that range is reduced 40 miles. The standard wall charger fills the FXE’s battery from empty in 9.2 hours. An optional $600 dollar rapid charger does the deed in only 4.1 hours.


One of the Zero FXE’s biggest selling points is the new design. The bodywork is crisp and futuristic, which sets this Zero apart from many of the company’s previous models. We especially dig the funky graphics and flat, pointy front fender.

A 5″ full-color TFT display compliments the new design with bright colors and the Zero Cypher II operating system. You can sync your smartphone with the screen and even adjust parameters like max speed and max torque using Zero’s app.

Zero FXE


Fully adjustable, 41mm Showa inverted forks, and a fully adjustable Showa rear shock with a piggyback reservoir support the chassis and rider. Suspension travel is 7 inches in the front, and 8.9 inches in the rear.

The FXE has 17″ wheels at both ends, and a sticky set of Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tires. The front brake is 320mm with ABS courtesy of Bosch, and the rear brake is a similar unit but 240mm in size.

For more information on the new Zero FXE, check out the video linked below!