LiveWire One May Look Familiar, But It Is Much Better Than Before

The bike stays the same, but the price gets better.

LiveWire One

The Harley-Davidson LiveWire has been around for quite a while now. However, recently LiveWire dropped the Harley-Davidson name and became a brand of its own. As a result, the motorcycle you see above is simply named the LiveWire One.

This in itself is not groundbreaking news, but it isn’t the only change for the electric bike. The EV motorcycle still has the same 105 horsepower, 86 lb-ft of torque, and 146 miles of range as the previous model. What makes the two so different is the price tag.

The LiveWire One starts at $21,999, a startling $7,800 cheaper than the Harley-Davidson version. Factor in your federal tax credit, and you’re looking at less than $20k for the bikebrand new.

That big of a price drop makes the new EV significantly more competitive with brands like Zero motorcycles and the SR/F. By far our biggest complaint with the previous version came down to its steep pricing. From performance to fit and finish, the rest of the motorcycle is thoroughly impressive.

Harley-Davidson could be making a comeback thanks to the impressive Pan-America, the more affordable LiveWire, and the upcoming 1250 Powered cruiser to be revealed July 13. For more details on how the LiveWire rides, check out our full review linked below!