BMW R18 Transcontinental Has Harley In Its Sights

BMW R18 Transcontinental and Bagger
[Photos: BMW]

The R18 Transcontinental and R18 B

The BMW R18 has been out for just over a year now, and starting today the lineup includes 4 variants. The R18, R18 Classic, and now the R18 Transcontinental and R18 B (pictured above). BMW designed the two new bikes specifically for long distance cruising.

Though the 91 horsepower engine is the same, the fuel tank is almost 2 gallons larger (6.3 gallons now), and the front end even has a different rake for extra stability.

BMW R18 Transcontinental

Transcontinental’s Additional Features

  • Large front fairing with wind deflectors
  • Four round analog gauges with an additional 10.25″ TFT display
  • Additional forward facing lights
  • Marshall audio system
  • Engine protection bars
  • 27 liter side case, and 48 liter top case
  • Heated seat
  • Engine finished in silver metallic

The R18 B, or R18 Bagger, has most of the aforementioned features with a few alterations. The bagger loses the top case, and adopts a slimmer seat design. The windshield also has a lower profile and the engine is finished in matte black. The Transcontinental with its extra goodies has a total curb weight of 941 lbs. Since the bagger has fewer add-ons, it tips the scales at 877 lbs.

BMW R18 Lineup

Both R18’s come with a massive host of technology. The ABS system balances braking between the front and rear wheel regardless of which brake you operate. Standard dynamic cruise control uses both engine braking, and the brakes to maintain exact speed. Active cruise control is available as an option, using radar to automatically slow down with traffic.

The keyless ride system operates not only the ignition, but the side cases and steering lock as well. Ride modes Rain, Rock and Roll are unchanged from the standard R18. Because this BMW is heavy, a starter-driven reverse assist is available from the factory.

R18 Dash

A Marshall audio system comes standard on both new R18’s, but there are additional stage one and stage two upgrades. Stage one adds a subwoofer to each side of the front fairing, whereas stage two also adds speakers to the rear seat. The new fuel tank includes a nifty compartment which stores and charges your phone.

The most shocking new option for the R18 is their Option 719 Galaxy Dust Metallic paint color. Option 719 is the BMW accessory group, where you can also spec a special seat and engine covers.

We’re not sure we would purchase an R18 with such a wild paint scheme, but we respect the courage of any rider who does. BMW is also offering First Editions of the new bikes which feature extra chrome, special paint, special wheels, and a welcome box full of trinkets.

The R18 Bagger has an MSRP of $21,495, and the R18 Transcontinental starts at $24,995. Both bikes will be available starting late August. For more information on the new R18’s, check out the video linked below!