BMW CE 04 Revealed For The 2022 Model Year

This electric scooter packs 80 miles of range, and a bigger screen than your car.

2022 BMW CE 04
[Photos: BMW]

BMW has just revealed the production ready CE 04 electric scooter. Though it is a scooter, there is a surprising amount of technology, design, and performance to go around. The BMW CE 04 has a maximum output of 42 horsepower and a healthy 46 lb-ft of torque.

The CE 04 has 80 miles of range, and charges from 0-80 percent battery in 65 minutes using the optional quick charger. Total charge time to 100 percent takes one hour and 40 minutes with the quick charger, and four hours and 20 minutes without.


Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and Automatic Stability Control (ASC) keep the power and torque under control as you ride. Throttle response is adjustable using three riding modes, road, rain, and ECO. A “Dynamic” riding mode is optional, as well as cornering ABS. Thankfully straight line ABS and dual disc front brakes are standard.

The CE 04 may not be a large vehicle, but it does boast impressive storage space. The side compartment is large enough for a full face helmet. BMW even created a special compartment to charge and ventilate your phone while you cruise.

A whopping 10.25 inch display is also standard. Lighting is all LED, and an adaptive headlight is available as an optional extra. While the BMW CE 04 is an impressive scooter, it carries an equally impressive price tag.

$11,795 is as cheap as the BMW CE 04 gets. If you want what very well may be the best electric scooter on the market, you can expect to see CE 04’s for sale in 2022.