First Ride: New Ducati Monster (Video)

The new Monster is faster and lighter than ever.

New Monster
[Photos: Mike Levin]

The first Ducati Monster made its debut in 1993. Now almost 30 years later the Monster is all new, including a fresh 937cc L-Twin. Despite its Euro5 compliance, the big twin puts out 111 horsepower and 69 lb-ft of torque. The new engine features three riding modes, Urban, Touring and Sport.

Urban limits total horsepower to 75, while increasing electronic intervention. Touring delivers the full 111 horsepower with a reduced throttle response. Sport mode puts the new Ducati Monster on high alert. Wheelie control, ABS, and traction control are toned down while the throttle response is set to the maximum.

Even in Urban mode, the Monster has torque to spare. Quickshift up/down adds another level of performance to an already capable machine. Ducati’s test bikes came with a muffled factory exhaust, but a custom pipe would unleash a hellish roar from the new twin. Thankfully Ducati teamed up with Termignoni to offer accessory pipes of their own.

Those who have been following the previous Monsters will notice the absence of a trellis frame. Ducati dropped the old design in favor of an aluminum front frame which weighs a notable 60 percent less than the old design. Combined with weight savings across the board, the new Monster tips the scales at 366lbs dry, 414 wet.

The Ducati Monster feels light and nimble as a result. The frame and body are especially narrow to make it easier for small riders to reach the ground. Overall, the redesigned Ducati Monster is a fast, fun, easy to ride bike with qualities that will appeal to both new and experienced riders alike.

If you’re in the market for one, pricing starts at $11,895. While that is on the high end, the Monster is a compelling combination of performance, tech, and build quality. For more information on the new Ducati, check out the full review linked below.