TT Hero Guy Martin Aiming For 400 Mph On Two Wheels!

Guy Martin’s 30 ft long motorcycle. (Image credit: F-Stop Press Ltd)

Our favorite, fastest and bravest truck mechanic, and Isle of Man TT racing star, Guy Martin is revisiting his insane need for speed. He has ditched his old faithful turbocharged Hayabusa, which made a few record runs of 376mph, for a much, much bigger powerplant. Forget turbo and superchargers! Yes, size does count and this time its no less than a turbine helicopter engine nestled in a custom-built, bike frame.

Martin’s team has constructed a custom steel and aluminum bike measuring 30 feet long. Crammed in the middle of the frame is a 1,200-horsepower Rolls-Royce turbine engine sourced from an Westland Lynx army helicopter.

Designed and constructed by British engineer Alex Macfadzean and former endurance racer Bernie Toleman, the two-wheeled streamliner also features a monocoque aluminium cockpit, aero-grade metal tubing, and two parachutes.

The custom frame will be clad in aerodynamic carbon fiber body panels before the attempt on the record. The main goal is to break the current motorcycle record of 376.363 mph average. But they also want to be the first team to get a bike to break the 400 mph barrier. The team that set the old record managed to hit 394 mph in one of the two passes needed to set an official speed record.

The team is aiming to start testing the bike this summer. The record attempts will occur next year at a salt flat in Bolivia.

A 1200 hp helicopter turbine will power the machine. ( Image: F-Stop Press Ltd)