Piaggio Celebrates 75 Years With New Vespa Models

Vespa Primavera 75 ( Images: Vespa)

Piaggio is Europe’s leading two-wheel-vehicle manufacturer and is now celebrating its 75th anniversary in style with two cool new models. The Italian company recently revealed two special edition variants based on Vespa GTS and Vespa Primavera trims and the series has been named 75th. The scooters will be available in both 125cc and 300cc iterations and go on sale this month and will remain on sale only throughout this year. These special edition models feature updated cosmetics which make them unique. Otherwise, they are similar to the regular models.

Created right after WW2 ended Piaggio has remained staunchly loyal to its original Vespa design and mechanical concepts, with some slight mods around the basic original design and components which are essentially – a pressed steel structure integrating frame and body, powertrain (engine and gearbox) in unit with the rear wheel.

This Vespa Primavera 75th Anniversary edition pays tribute to the brand’s identity and proudly flaunts a symbolic number: 75. As an accompaniment to the distinct glossy metallic Giallo Gold 75th color scheme, the Vespa 75th features a matte metallic pyrite gold graphic on the side cowls and the front fender, which matches the color of the corresponding “Horn Cover.” This updated interpretation of a 1946-era color scheme is accompanied by a celebratory plaque.

In addition, the special edition Vespa also gets a chrome-laced rear luggage rack that houses a large circular leather bag and mimics a spare wheel holder. The bag is also made of nubuck leather and of the same colour as the scooter’s saddle and comes with a quick-release mechanism. In terms of features, both special models in the 75 series are equipped with a 4.3-inch fully digital TFT colour display housing all functions compatible with the Vespa MIA smartphone connectivity system.

In order to make it a special experience for buyers, each scooter in this special edition range will be offered with a welcome kit which consists of an Italian silk scarf, personalized owners’ book, a vintage steel Vespa plate and eight collector postcards signifying eight decades of Vespa history.

Pricing is around $5,800 for the GTS and $7,900 for GTS Primavera 300.