Could This Be The Future Yamaha YZF-R7?

Yamaha’s iconic R6 is no longer in production as of 2021, so what is going to replace one of the most successful 600cc sports bikes to grace our planet?

The rumor mill is in full swing since someone noted that Yamaha filed paperwork with California’s Air Resources Board (CARB) that hints towards the R6 replacement being a YZF- R7…

The word on the street is that the R7 will be powered by Yamaha’s  twin-cylinder CP2 motor that drives the MT-07 and other similar cc machines that Yamaha produces. Many forums have fans either in favor of or totally against Yamaha dropping the in-line four-cylinder configuration. A great deal of them want the R7 to be a direct replacement for R6, but with half the cylinders this would not be the case.

The inline four of the R6 produced around 118 hp while newer twin CP2 engine delivers a meek 74 hp in comparison – a massive difference. Is it possible that the R7 will be more of a comfortable intermediate ride with R6-like sport-bike styling. It will be interesting to see what evolves. The R6 was always one of my favs and a ‘sheep dressed in wolf’s clothing’ would be shame for us R6 fans to behold – even if it looks pretty!