The ‘Refined Beast’ Is Back – Hayabusa Gen 3 Arrives.

Hayabusa returns to the Suzuki stable

Suzuki’s 2022 model Hayabusa returned to the stable today. The third generation of the world’s original ‘ultimate’ sportbike has made a comeback and we wonder how it will be received. First launched back in 1999, the first generation Hayabusa stunned the motorcycle world by offering new levels of speed, power and performance. It instantly gained the title of the world’s fastest production motorcycle and gave birth to a new category of motorcycle – the Ultimate Sportbike.

It wasn’t long before the motorcycle industry’s adoption of a self-imposed limit soon put an end to the era of top speed wars, but the Hayabusa’s performance across all metrics combined with its nimble handling and eye-catching styling helped it retain the category’s number-one position for two decades.

Sets The Bar For Performance

The original Hayabusa was much more than the sum of its parts. The abundant power its engine produced offered a wider range of gear selection options for any given speed, and this ultimately delivered a more controllable and pleasurable ride. Aerodynamic styling that instilled the Hayabusa with one of the lowest drag coefficients achieved on a production bike not only contributed to controllability, stability and rider comfort, its striking new design helped realize the Hayabusa’s iconic presence. Sales of the first generation exceeded 115,000 units.

A full model change in 2008 retained all the hallmark features of the original Hayabusa, while increasing engine displacement and introducing new features that included a bolder body design. Further enhancement of performance in 2013 upgraded the front brakes and introduced an Anti-locking Brake System (ABS). These new features helped sell another 74,100 units over the life of the second generation, bringing total sales of the Hayabusa to more than 189,100 units.

From Left To Right: 2022, 2013 and 1999 Hayabusa Models

2022 Model

Now thoroughly updated and refined with premium components and features Suzuki hopes the 2022 Hayabusa will continue its legacy as the Ultimate Sportbike. Its said to offer stronger, controlled acceleration from its 1340c inline four cylinder engine and this, coupled with an updated driveline, will further enhance its rocket-like sportbike performance, according to the maker.

Suzuki’s Intelligent Ride System offers Hayabusa riders electronic rider aids like quick shift and cruise control, systems that should increase performance and comfort. Full LED lighting incorporated into the sleek body work and a new instrument cluster with advanced TFT LCD display enhance the offerings. This new generation was supposedly fashioned during hours of wind tunnel sessions to offer graceful, modern styling that retains its iconic aerodynamic silhouette.

Suzuki’s team of engineers and designers also refine countless aspects of the bike’s performance to create an entirely new generation that improves the overall balance of performance. The design concept for the new Hayabusa’s styling is “The Refined Beast”. The goal was to visually express the intelligence embodied in the electronic control systems that enhance and advance the riding experience, and skillfully marry that with bold styling befitting a magnificent beast whose stance screams of power, performance, poise and keen perceptive abilities. The result is a due tribute to the Japanese peregrine falcon from which the Hayabusa takes its name.

Suzuki’s ‘Refined Beast’ in action!


Enhancements to the Hayabusa’s 1,340cm3 liquid-cooled inline-four engine further improve efficiency and durability and help achieve an overall better balance of performance and while satisfying worldwide (including Euro 5) emissions standards. The result is more torque and power (187.7 hp) delivered in a more linear fashion in the low- to mid-speed range, which is where riders typically spend much of their time during daily riding or when touring.

The new Hayabusa is said to proudly continue the legacy of the previous generations by providing riders with greater output and smoother torque than any other sportbike at engine speeds off-idle and up to 6,000 rpm.

Key Features

  • Light, strong twin-spar aluminum alloy frame and swingarm constructed using castings and extrusions combine superb handling performance with proven reliability.
  • Wind-cutting aerodynamic design features one of the best drag coefficients achieved by any motorcycle, excellent lift characteristics and wind protection. In addition to contributing to high- speed stability and controllability, this makes the ride more comfortable and less tiring.
  • Handling characteristics achieve a fine balance of confidence-inspiring stability at high speeds and nimble handling with a reassuring sense of control at low speeds.
  • Internal settings for the fully adjustable 43mm inner tube diameter KYB inverted front fork and KYB rear suspension are changed to better absorb shock, contributing to exceptional straight- line stability.
  • New, innovative 4-piston Brembo Stylema® front brake calipers are paired with 320mm diameter fully-floating rotors for improved braking efficiency.
  • New, exclusively designed Bridgestone tires provide better grip.
  • New 7-spoke wheel design improves grip feel.
  • Ideal 50:50 front-rear weight distribution.
  • Handlebars mounted 12mm closer to the rider vastly improve comfort, reduce fatigue and also enhance handling control when enjoying a sporty ride.


  • Instrument cluster with a modern new look and enhanced functionality. This includes the introduction of a new TFT LCD panel between the large analog tachometer and speedometer that features an Active Data display offering a real-time view of the bike’s running status.
  • Vertically stacked Multi-LED headlight creates a sharp new look with its large, bold styling and eye-pleasing presence.
  • Position lights with integrated turn signals neatly flanking the outer edges of the large SRAD air intakes are a first on a Suzuki motorcycle.
  • Combining running light, brake light and turn signal functions, a LED rear combination light assembly creates a sharp accent running horizontally across the bottom of the tail section.
  • Ergonomic handlebar switch design features operating ease and efficiency.
  • Engine 1340cc DOHC inline-four
  • Power 187.74bhp @ 9700rpm
  • Torque 110.6lb.ft @ 7000rpm
  • Kerb mass 582 lbs
  • Seat height 800mm
  • Price $18,599