Kawasaki Testing Cruise Control Radar For H2 SX Model?

Kawasaki H2 SX may be sporting more high tech gadgetry by late 2021 with a radar cruise control system from Bosch.

Kawasaki has partnered with electronics wizards Bosch to add cruise control radar to the next generation H2SX according to spies that apparently saw the Japanese marque testing it on a H2 model. It seems the H2 SX may be the first Kawasaki model to sport the new technology later this year.

The Bosch system’s radar sensor, tucked under the front of the fairing, detects vehicles ahead when riding on the highway and slows the machine down to keep a predetermined distance from them. Once the vehicle is out of the radar path, the system senses the road is clear and will reset to your previous cruising speed. This is very much like the adaptive cruise control systems found in many cars today.

Kawasaki had apparently applied for a patent for a camera system that scans the road ahead to prepare the bike’s electronics for what’s to come. Their patent describes the system as using a camera in concert with an onboard GPS, to look out for things the rider may need to react too. For example, if the camera determines there’s a hairpin corner in the distance, the GPS shows that it’s a hairpin and the Bosch system brain recognizes its traveling at high speed, so the system can predetermine that some serious braking is likely to occur.

In preparation for that scenario the bike could stiffen up the suspension ready for braking and then accelerating. It could also ease off the throttle response, so the tire doesn’t break traction on the way out of a tight bend. In the patent, the system utilizes an in-built navigation system for the bike and the bike recently spied testing has a large full-color TFT dash instead of the analog version on the old model.