Ducati MotoGP Vs Street Bike Version – Lap Times Stunner!

Pecco Bagnia ( 63) and Johann Zarco (5) chase the street legal Panigale V4s at Jerez (Photo:Ducati)

Have you ever wondered how much faster a MotoGP bike is compared one you can buy off the showroom floor? We have the answer from Ducati.

During recent testing at Jerez, Ducati riders Pecco Bagnaia, Johann Zarco and Michele Pirro, lapped the Panigale V4S street bike along with the the MotoGP GP21 version.

The best lap times posted by the Ducati Panigale V4S was an impressive 1:43.3, versus the 1:41.1 of the latest 2021 machine. Incredible – just a 2.2 second split between a race-ready MotoGP bike, and a motorcycle you can buy to ride on the road.