Curtiss Sets The Bar For Futuristic Electric Cruiser Design

The Curtiss One

This is the latest Curtis One cruiser- a jaw-dropping machine and product of the modern day Curtiss Motorcycle company. The current company seeks to continue a legacy of innovation that was driven by the vision of one remarkable man whom they have proudly designated their namesake – Glenn Curtiss.

Over 100 Years Ago

The moment that Glenn Curtiss decided to build a motorcycle is in some debate. Some claim he saw his first motorized bicycle, the E.R. Thomas Auto-Bi, at the New York Auto Show in 1901 and decided he must have the latest device to fulfill his need for speed. In Glenn’s own telling he noted that in 1901 his old boss James Smellie came to him with a request for a self-propelled bicycle to aid his commute, which included a hill that was giving him trouble.

Regardless of what served as the inspiration, Curtiss ordered an engine kit from E.R. Thomas in Buffalo, NY to adapt to one of his bicycles. Much to Curtiss’ dismay, the kit arrived in Hammondsport as a set of rough castings, without a carburetor, without an ignition system, and without any instructions. Enlisting the help of a local machinist, he soon had the parts finished and the 20 pound, 1.5 horsepower, 130cc single assembled in spite of his lack of experience with internal combustion devices. This was just the start to an amazing chapter in American motorcycle history.

Fast forward 100 years to the latest and greatest and product from the modern day Curtiss factory. Its rider-centered approach to design means that the each machine is created to fit each client like it was made from scratch just for him or her. The level of adaptability and adjustability built into the design means the One can be tailored to any client, for any purpose, to suit any desire.

Driving this ‘work of art on wheels’ is the ‘power pak’ – radially-arranged fuel cells, which are submerged in non-conductive coolant to maintain a safe operating temperature for the battery unit. Power is converted from the motor to the rear wheel through a maintenance-free toothed belt drive, with no gears or clutch, and all kept comfortable on the road with fully-adjustable suspension, modular carbon fibre, with an adjustable RaceTech mono-shock front and rear. 

Exotic Chassis

The aircraft-inspired TLP monocoque offers a no-compromise motorcycle chassis. The digitally milled-from-solid bulkheads, backbone, and fuselage skins create a geometrically perfect outcome for each machine, unlike traditional architectural methods. The result is a flex-free, incredibly light and slim chassis for a motorcycle.

Power Pak

This unique cylindrical looking object acts as the radiator for the entire machine, keeping its radially-arranged cells fully submerged in non-conductive coolant in order to maintain safe operating temperatures for the battery unit, as well as the other components that make up the One’s unique power train. Additionally, Power Pak serves as the backbone of the Triple Load Path monocoque, adding strength to the design.

The motor is centered along the horizontal and vertical axis of the chassis, with a massive hardened-steel proprietary drive shaft keyed to the center of our axial flux motor, forming the ideal organic swing arm pivot solution for optimal final drive geometry and shunt-free application of power.

Zero Tranny

The One has no transmission or gearbox – power is passed directly from the motor to the rear wheel via a maintenance-free toothed belt drive. No shifting, no clutch, just a direct connection between your wrist and the effortless torque available at any rpm from the most power-dense motor in the world. The result, says Curtiss is rider centered control, precision, and purity like nothing ever before. Got $78,000 to spare?

Curtiss One Technical Specs


– ultra lightweight and compact axial flux motor solution packaged via curtiss centered power axis design (patent-pending)


– 399 V immersion-cooled system for optimized heat regulation, safety, and efficiency with integrated BMS
– integrated extrusion finning for enhanced cooling (inside and out) and additional crumple zone impact protection


– advanced Cascadia Motion PM100 propulsion inverter
– proprietary VCU
– bluetooth and remote diagnostics enabled


– 217 hp (future-proof capable)
– 120 hp (peak)

– 87 hp (steady)

– fully-adjustable tuning via cloud-based software updates


Curtiss One: $78,000 for delivery winter 2021

Limited #15 Founders Edition: $115,000 – delivery summer 2021