Aprilia’s New Track Toy Comes With A New Race Series

RS 660 Trofeo ( Image Aprilia)

The Aprilia RS 660 debuted late last year, and now the the Tuono 660 has been revealed. But wait there’s more… now Aprilia has unveiled the RS 660 Trofeo race version which is essentially a track-only Tuono RS 660 with all of the race stuff you would expect to find on a racing machine.

Aprilia ditched the headlights, plate hanger, signals, and power-limiting Euro 5 reg exhaust system. They then added a SC-Project exhaust system mounted under what used to be a passenger seat. There’s no word on engine mods yet, but suspension is upgraded too for track-worthy handling.

The Italian marque will be hosting its own race series to compliment the Trofeo. A six race series will follow the 2021 CIV racing season and will be scattered across Italy at some of the countries leading race tracks such as Imola, Mugello, Misano, and Vellalunga.