2021 Honda Vision Features Keyless Ignition, Mild Upgrades.

2021 Honda Vision ( Images :Honda)

Honda has just unveiled the 2021 model of its super successful scooter, the Vision 110. The 2021 model benefits from aesthetic as well as mechanical upgrades.  

The new Vision is powered by a 110cc single cylinder air-cooled engine which is now Euro 5 compliant. It produces 8.6 hp at 7,500rpm and is said to be five percent more fuel efficient than the outgoing model.   

Also new is the frame, which is lighter than the old model. The styling has been mildly revised too. Honda doesn’t want to mess with the recipe too much for one of its best sellers. Other new features include a new part-LCD instrument cluster, keyless ignition and start-stop technology. 

The Vision 110 scooter will make its debut in Europe very soon. No word on when it will arrive in the US.