Video: Snow Day! I Had A BLAST Riding This Classic Honda Trail 90 In The Freezing Cold

This can only go well, right?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to ride a Honda Trail in the snow using decades old tires? Probably not, but we decided to find out anyway. This 1972 Trail 90 emerged from a barn just a few weeks ago. With the help of some fresh fuel and our good friend, David Morrow, we got the beastly 90 running within hours.

However, running is a broad term. The 90 needed work before it would be rideable. After a couple shiny new parts and some basic tuning, the Trail came to life. That being said, we did have to push start it to get there. Once moving under its own power, we took it off-road immediately.

First Dirt

Our Trail’s brakes did not work especially well, but we were more interested in moving than stopping. The little old Honda performed surprisingly well over soft dirt and rocks. While it’s nothing like today’s dirt bikes, the Trail 90 has a lot to offer. It is easy to maneuver thanks to its small size and weight. The Honda’s low seat height also reduces the consequences of a fall making it a low stress bike to ride on dirt.

As if that wasn’t enough, the four-speed transmission even has low range gearing. After so many decades, the Trail 90 still manages to impress and excite.

Push starting the Trail 90

What To Fix

Though our bike was fun, we still needed to fix a few things. The kick starter did not work, the seat was upholstered with tape, and more functional brakes couldn’t hurt. Thankfully, David loves small projects like these. While we were gone, he managed to spruce up our Honda into a presentable machine.

A new seat, new mirrors, better carb tuning, and a milk basket for the rear brought the whole project together. David used a ratchet strap to secure the basket, and no part of the Trail is perfect, but those few modifications turned an old Honda into an ideal barn find bike.

Snow Biking

Soon after David fixed our biggest issues, Colorado slapped us with a snow storm. Luckily, the Trail backs down from no challenge. While you do have to use your feet to stay upright, our Honda managed the snow convincingly. It seems there is no challenge too great for the farm fresh Trail 90.

Stay tuned for more videos on Barn Find Bikes, where soon we will get a 1968 Trail 90 running and put the two head to head. To see the latest progress on our 1972 Trail 90, check out the video below.