Harley-Davidson Serial 1 Revealed In Production Form, Not The Same Nostalgic Take As The Concept

They don't look quite like the concept bike, but don't count them out just yet.

Harley-Davidson Serial 1
Serial 1 Mosh.

A few weeks ago we wrote about the concept Serial 1 prototype bike. The prototype bike showcased Harley-Davidson’s spin-off bicycle brand, but was not a finished product for large scale production. Now, the Serial 1 has officially revealed the e-bikes which are going on sale.

The lowest end models start at a relatively premium price point of $3,399 and higher end bikes cost up to $4,999. For that price you get a range of anywhere from 25-115 miles. To start off, the manufacturer is offering two bike models with a total of four configurations.


First you have the single-speed, entry level Mosh pictured above. For $3,399 you get a top speed of 20mph from a mid-mounted, brushless 250w electric motor. The 529Wh, removable battery charges fully in 4.75 hours, and goes as far as 35-105 miles. All Serial 1 bikes use a carbon drive belt, which keeps up with tradition of course.

Harley-Davidson Serial 1
Serial 1 Rush ST.

Rush ST

The next most affordable model is the $4,399 Rush ST. ST denotes the step-through frame design. Rush bikes use a CVT hub rather than the single speed hub featured on the Mosh. The “Enviolo” auto-shifting hub allows for variable gear ratios, but the top speed is still set at 20mph.

The Rush ST uses the same 529Wh battery as the Mosh, but has a reduced range of 35-90 miles. The Rush also features 10kg luggage racks in front and back.

Harley-Davidson Serial 1
Serial 1 rush


Standard Rush models start at $4,499 and ditch the step-through frame design for a more traditional layout. The mid-mounted electric motor is capable of 66lb-ft of torque, which is standard across all Serial 1 models. Each of these bikes also use hydroformed aluminum frames to keep weight down.

Rush models weigh in at 60 pounds total with a large frame, whereas the Mosh only tips the scales at 48 pounds.

Harley-Davidson Serial 1
Serial 1 Rush speed

Rush Speed

The top dog Serial 1 e-bike is the $4,999 Rush Speed. As suggested by the name, the Speed model increases its top end to 28mph. The bigger, 706Wh takes 6.5 hours to charge fully, but allows for 25-115 miles of range. Each Rush model uses four-piston hydraulic brakes, rather than the two-piston brakes offered in the Mosh.

Any of the models pictured above can be ordered in frame sizes small to extra-large, and in multiple colors. Beyond the integrated headlight and tail lights, these e-bikes have a lighted shield in front which pays homage to early Harley-Davidsons also based on bicycles.

Other features include a small storage cubbie and a multi function screen on the handlebars. Serial 1 plans to begin shipping bikes in the spring of 2021, but pre-orders are open starting now.