Honda Super Cub C125 Review: Is This The World’s Best Scooter?

Does the new Super Cub live up to its name?

Honda Super Cub

Since 1958, the Honda Super Cub has been a go-to bike for riders around the world. In 2017, total production of the Super Cub reached over 100 million units. That makes it the single most mass-produced motor vehicle in history. But something being popular doesn’t necessarily guarantee its quality — so is this model any good?.

The newest version of Honda’s everyman bike is a single overhead cam, single cylinder 125cc engine. Thats a solid bump up from the 49cc displacement of older Cubs. However, total power output is around 10hp. If you’re hoping for an old-school sleeper bike, this isn’t it.

Honda Super Cub Wheelie

Honda Super Cub C125: The details

That’s not to say the Super Cub isn’t fun to ride. At 240 pounds, it doesn’t take a whole lot to get it going. Plus, the four-speed semi automatic transmission is leagues more fun to use than a moped style CVT. Being so lightweight, the Cub also manages good fuel economy.

According to published reports, this Honda manages close to 100 mpg. Good thing to cause it only holds 1 gallon of fuel. On the subject of holding things, the super Cub has zero storage. You might be able to stash your registration under the seat, that’s about it.

A brand new Honda Super Cub like this one retails at $3,940 with ABS. Luckily, Honda manages to build a gorgeous bike for that price as well. The fit and finish is impressive, and the styling is as classic as its name.

The new Super Cub does have a few modern features such as a proximity key, electronic seat popper, LED lights, and a digital round gauge. Thankfully, those few items don’t spoil its classic charms. Around back you still have a drum brake. Best of all, the Cub uses big 17 inch wheels with skinny tires to help maintain its retro aesthetic.

Honda Super Cub

The drawbacks

There are only two major drawbacks with the Super Cub. First of all, its a small bike. I’m not particularly large, but it still felt like I had to fold myself inwards to fit. The other drawback is a lack of stability at speed. Then again, it doesn’t do more than 60MPH at best, so you’ll want to look elsewhere for your next highway cruiser.

One upside of its small weight and size is extreme maneuverability at low speeds. I can almost do a U-turn inside of a parking space. It’s easy to ride the Cub like a pro in minutes. There is no clutch to figure out, and the transmission is very compliant. You do have to rev match a bit, as you would with any bike, but it comes easily.

The Super Cub is a great example of an item gaining success on its own merit. If you’re just getting into two-wheels, or you want an inexpensive, around-town cruiser its hard to beat. For more information on the Honda Super Cub, check out the full review below: