Video: “Adventure” Scooter Vs Modern Classic: Can You ACTUALLY Take EITHER Of These Hondas On An Adventure?

Watch as we test how the Honda Super Cub and ADV150 perform on the open road

Have you ever wanted to take 150cc’s of scooter onto the open highway before? How about a measly 125cc? It’s not the typical way people enjoy small displacement bikes. Nevertheless, we decided to brave the treacherous open roads in these two small-displacement Honda bikes for your entertainment.

Honda Super Cub vs. ADV150: Time for a road trip!

I chose the iconic Super Cub 125 for the journey. Alex, the sport-bike rider, picked the ADV150 for its (relatively) massive power. The plan was to complete a scooter sized road trip to Vintage Motors in the small town of Lyons. Round trip, the 34-mile journey posed many harrowing challenges. These included wind, bicyclists, and of course a terrifying 65mph speed limit just to name a few.

Honda Super Cub

Hitting 65 is no issue for the Honda ADV150, which tops out at 73 mph. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for our Super Cub. Despite its four-speed transmission, the Cub‘s 125cc engine only manages around 60mph. If you point your handlebars upwind, or worse, uphill that top speed drops as low as 49mph.

With high spirits, we topped off our tanks and got underway completely ignoring the ridiculous nature of our plan.

The Honda ADV150 and Super Cub perform equally well around town. Both vehicles are maneuverable and easy to ride. However, as soon as our city road fed onto highway 36, it became clear which was best.

Alex overtook me almost immediately upon entering the highway, strolling ahead with little remorse for me or my Super Cub. Soon after, the speed limit went from 60 to the ever so daunting 65mph we had been waiting for.

The Cub was at the end of its rope throughout the ride to Lyons. Its 125cc engine rattled like a beehive plugged into an electric guitar amplifier. Even more concerning was the visibly unstable ride at high speeds. Weighing only 240 pounds, the Cub gets pushed around by everything that exists on a highway.

Meanwhile on the ADV150, Alex relaxed behind his windshield comfortably below his top speed. Because the ADV weighs 294 pounds, it is also more stable on fast roads.

Honda ADV150

For the ride back to Boulder, Alex and I switched machines. The Super Cub was still slow, but speed wobbles were less of an issue heading south on highway 36. My ride was pleasantly surprising as the ADV150 proved more road worthy than I had expected. Neither of these are good machines for road trips of any length, but the ADV came close.

After such an experience, you might expect our thoughts on these two bikes to change. However, I would still rather have the Cub for its fun looks and four-speed transmission. Alex, unsurprisingly, still preferred the ADV’s power and usability. To see more of our mini road trip test, and the trials we faced in the process, check out the video linked below.