News: 2021 Honda CB1000R Gets More Aggressive Styling, But No More Power

Aggressively Naked

Honda has refreshed its CB1000R for 2021, and it looks pretty cool if these new images are any indication. The most noticeable change to the 2021 model is the styling, which Honda says makes the bikes more aggressive looking than before. The aluminum sub-frame features a clear finish and the radiator shrouds and airbox covers have also been modified slightly for the new model

One of the most distinctive features of the new CB is the new headlight. The new lamp has a slanted design to it, with the bottom leading edge of the light protruding slightly. Another update is the wheels which boast seven-spoke cast aluminum set in a distinctive Y-shape pattern.

The 2021 model also receives an updated headlight bezel, angled and topped with a short fly screen-looking shield that covers the TFT display. The radiator frame and side plates have been reshaped and the CB is now fitted with a pair of w-spoke cast-aluminum wheels.   

The CBR1000RR-derived engine stats remain unchanged – a very healthy 143hp and 76lb-ft of torque.