Zero SR/S Review: I Put Its 160-Mile Range Claim To The Test!

How far can the Zero SR/S go on a single charge?

Zero SR/S review

Electric vehicles are becoming ever more popular. Many people claim that internal combustion engines will soon be a thing of the past with cars and even trucks these days. Is the same true for motorcycles like the Zero SR/S, though?

Zero is one of the well-known electric motorcycle manufacturers around right now. The company offers a 2021 lineup comprising nine different electric motorcycles. That range extends from dualsport bikes to naked sport bikes. In this review, Kyle Conner takes a look at the Zero SR/S, a full fairing sport bike on assignment for TFLbike.

Zero SR/S

2021 Zero ZR/S pricing

The Zero SR/S starts at $19,995, which is no small sum in the motorcycle world. The premium model we tested costs an extra $2,000. This price includes a rapid charge system and heated hand grips. Zero claims a total range of 160 miles, but with the optional Power Tank, range increases to a claimed 200 miles. However, you have to shell out $2,895 for the option.

That brings the total price to $24,890 for a premium SR/S with a Power Tank. There is also an optional Charge Tank for $2,300. This adds 6kw of charging if you can find the charger to support it. However, you cannot option both Tanks, it’s either one or the other.

Zero SR/S

Zero SR/S Performance

The SR/S tops out at 124 mph, and produces 140 lb-ft of torque. With that in mind, you are unlikely to lose many races. Especially since there is no clutch, and no gearing to mess with. The moment you turn your throttle, you get all of that electric torque with no delay.

Thankfully, Bosch provided Traction and stability control to help manage the Zero’s electric power. The bike’s 505 pound weight rating also contributes to its on road stability. Zero fits the SR/S with LED headlights to save power, as well as two USB ports in its storage bin.

The SR/S is differentiated from the Zero SR/F primarily by its front fairing. Zero claims the fairing helps increase range on the highway by 13 percent. During our real world highway test, the Zero managed 100 miles at 70mph. Though speed, riding style and rider size will all affect these numbers.

Luckily, the battery is small enough to be fully charged overnight using a standard wall outlet. If you want to learn more about the Zero SR/S and how it rides, check out the video linked below.