Video: Am I An IDIOT For Riding This Honda Trail 90 That’s Sat For 40 Years In A Barn!?

The Honda Trail lives!

The Barn Find Bikes series continues!

Going to Dave’s ranch always makes for a fun day. But when motorcycles are involved, there’s few other places I’d rather be. Last time I was at Dave’s, Kase, Tommy and I pulled two Honda Trail 90s out of a barn for the first time in 40 years. We managed to get one of the bikes to fire up, but it wasn’t running well enough to ride. It either ran wide open, as high as it possibly could rev, or it would idle too slow and die out.

Honda Trail restoration: The day’s goal

We started the day off with a very specific end goal: RIDE THE BIKE! We definitely were hopeful, as we just recieved a cheap Amazon carburetor (less than $40). That was a smart move, because it definitely would’ve been harder to tune the original carb than to slap on a new one (none of us here are carburetor experts, not even David).

Kase got the new carburetor swapped over pretty quickly. We were a little concerned when we realized the new carbeurator didn’t have studs, but after some troubleshooting, we were able to swap the studs over using two nuts and a ratchet to thread them, into place.

With the new carburetor in place and the Honda Trail 90 full of fresh gas, we tried to give it a kick, but had no luck. Instead, Tommy pushed Kase and I around David’s property all afternoon, which actually worked every time we needed it.

Having some fun

Kase made a few minor adjustments to the new carburetor to clean up the idle, and then the bike ran like a champ. We even went as far to reupholster the seat with some red duct tape. All of us took turns riding it around the ranch, and nobody stepped off the Trail 90 without an ear to ear grin.

Kase made us all look scared when it was his turn to ride the Trail 90. He took it to full throttle with 40 year old, dry rotted tires, and without a working brake lever. He even took it on our Yakadega 500 race course, and managed to keep it upright the whole time.

What’s next

We definitely have lots of work to do on both Trail 90’s we pulled out of the barn. As for now, the orange (newer) bike runs and rides, but is in desperate need of new tires and a brake service. It could also use a good clean and detail to make it shine. As for the yellow bike, we have even more on our to-do list. We haven’t even been able to get that bike to spark yet, but we just got a new wiring harness, plug, and battery for that bike, so stay tuned for the next episode when we try to get the older trail 90 running around the race course too!

If you missed the first episode, you can check it out on the TFLbike YouTube Channel. Episode two of Barn Find Bikes is also live, ready for your enjoyment!