Harley-Davidson Serial 1: A New (eBike) Take On Harley’s First Motorcycle

If the production bike is anything like the concept, this might be a winner.

Serial 1 Electric Bicycle
[Photos: Harley-Davidson]

A new eBike firm emerges

Harley-Davidson released new images of the Serial 1 eBike Tuesday. This is a concept which debuts the spinoff Serial 1 Cycle Company, which is the motorcycle manufacturer’s in-house electric bicycle division.

Popularity of eBikes has risen in recent years, estimated at over $15 billion globally in 2019. It’s also no secret that the motorcycle manufacturer has been struggling in recent years. This Serial 1 bicycle concept is a potential step towards a younger audience.

Harley-Davidson is well known to play off their heritage in other models, and not just with bikes either. They even manufacture a motorcycle called the “Heritage Classic.” However, most of Harley-Davidson’s old-school bikes are large and heavily accessorized. The Serial 1 takes a far more minimalist approach to a “classic” heritage bike.

Details such as a leather-colored belt drive, and twine hand grips keep the styling more retro than a typical Harley. The LED front logo and rear lights make it clear, however, that this bike’s technology is nothing of the past. Throw in a classically styled springer seat and polished metal details to contrast the piano black frame, and I would call that job done.

Harley has been planning electric bikes to compliment the LiveWire for some time now. The manufacturer even displayed prior eBike concepts at the Milan Motorcycle Show last year. Though this ebike is not a production model, it is a step towards one. If the product itself closely resembles this machine, the eBike manufacturer may be successful. Though, safe to say, it will come at a price.

Though Harley has yet to release specs, they have claimed plans to make the Serial 1 competitive with high-end bikes. Stay tuned for additional news on pricing and availability coming soon. If you are in the market for a premium eBike, Serial 1 Cycle Company may just do the trick.