Here’s How Deus And Zero Paired Up To Create A Retro SR/S Cafe Electric Racer

Deus Zero SR/S retro electric motorcycle
Deus Zero SR/S

What do you get when you cross an electric motorcycle with an eclectic custom bike designer and builder? A really cool retro-styled cafe racer powered by volts. Meeting engineers at the 2019 Pikes Peak Hillclimb inspired Deus ex Machina’s Michael Woolaway to create something cool using the Zero SR/S platform.

“When I met the guys out at Pike’s Peak and really got a good look at the bike I thought, that bike is the perfect platform to build,” Woolaway said. “There’s no gas tank and this trellis frame that’s beautiful and everything else comes off and there’s nothing there. So in my mind quietly, I was thinking, I’d love to do something with that bike because it’s a blank sheet of paper.”

Deus and Zero complete a custom carbon fiber creation

“I wanted to do something kind of old and new, old shapes that I grew up with and new technology. No computer work, just foam, plastic, shaping and measuring tools, transfer tools and kind of the old school way,” Woolaway added. To that end, artisanal craftsmanship went into the fabrication of the build. As far as technology is concerned, though, nothing short of the latest features went into the build itself.

Deus Zero SR/S retro electric motorcycle

Deus ex Machina constructed this SR/S-based model entirely out of a single mold of carbon fiber composites. Woolaway enlisted aerospace engineers from Lockheed Martin to assist in the completion of the monocoque assembly. The custom body work also still wraps around Zero Motorcycle’s EV powertrain. It comprises a motor capable of producing 114 horsepower, and achieving a top speed of 124 mph.

Zero Motorcycles plans to include the collaborative project as a central fixture in their remaining 2020/2021 exhibition schedule.